Game Changers Aug 31, 2023

Game Changers: Quizzes

Game Changers: Quizzes

GAME CHANGERS is a series of articles in which TISA presents its most cutting-edge solutions for sports entities to reach a new level of digital transformation. As technology continues to evolve, it has become increasingly important for football clubs to keep up with the latest innovations in order to improve their performance and stay ahead of the competition. 

In this series, we will be exploring a range of innovative digital solutions that are helping football clubs to achieve their goals, both on and off the pitch. From improving fan engagement to streamlining operations and boosting performance, these solutions are transforming the way that football clubs do business. So whether you’re a fan, a club owner, or simply interested in the future of digital technology in football, you’re sure to find something of interest in this series


In the rapidly evolving world of football, clubs are continually seeking new avenues to engage their fans and create immersive experiences. One such innovation that has gained significant traction is the use of quizzes as a means of online fan engagement. Quizzes not only provide an entertaining and interactive platform for fans but also offer exciting rewards and promotional opportunities.

Quizzes are designed to provide an enjoyable and entertaining experience for fans, allowing them to test their knowledge, recall memorable moments, and showcase their expertise. Fans dive into a world where their football knowledge is put to the test, where they can relive legendary moments, and where they can flaunt their expertise like true football aficionados.

That’s exactly what quizzes bring to the table! From uncovering mind-bending trivia about the club’s illustrious history and iconic players to tackling nail-biting challenges based on recent matches and jaw-dropping statistics, these quizzes cater to the wild and varied interests of football enthusiasts.

Possible sponsor placement

The incorporation of sponsors within the quiz design presents a mutually beneficial opportunity. TISA has skillfully integrated a designated space for sponsors to promote their products or services, enhancing their visibility and brand exposure.

This sponsorship integration not only adds value to the quiz experience but also creates an additional revenue stream for the club. Sponsors gain access to a captive audience of passionate fans, while fans enjoy a seamless and immersive experience that supports their favourite club’s financial stability.

Keeping quiz rivalry fair and secure

We have developed a comprehensive framework to ensure the seamless execution of quizzes. Security is a top priority, as clubs strive to create a fair and fraud-free environment. We ensure that quizzes maintain their integrity and credibility. By employing randomised questions and answers, any attempts to manipulate the results are prevented, guaranteeing that success is solely based on knowledge and skill.

The success of quizzes as a fan engagement tool lies in their ability to create a sense of community and shared enthusiasm. Supporters can connect with fellow fans, discuss questions, share insights, and celebrate their shared love for the club. The online platforms hosting these quizzes become hubs of interaction and dialogue, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among fans scattered across the globe.

Ekstraklasa case study

In order to increase the engagement of fans of the Ekstraklasa football league, TISA Group took on the challenge of implementing interactive quizzes on the league’s official website. The main goal of this project was to create a quiz module that would not only provide entertainment to users but also maintain the fairness of the game and eliminate potential cheating attempts.

The technical implementation was not particularly complicated, but the challenge lay in planning the entire process in a way that would account for numerous edge cases. For example, questions containing images or videos required a special approach due to differences in content loading speeds for users. Therefore, the countdown timer for answering questions was synchronised with the loading of the image, ensuring fair conditions for all participants.

Furthermore, the introduction of rankings posed an intriguing challenge. In addition to the standard quiz rankings, moderators had the ability to create global rankings for specific time intervals or selected quizzes. This allowed for the creation of interesting rankings, such as user rankings from quizzes throughout the Ekstraklasa season or rankings for individual rounds or months.

It’s worth noting that quizzes allowed for sponsor placements, which was a significant business aspect. Through the UMPIRE CMS interface, Ekstraklasa could assign sponsors to quizzes, increasing brand visibility and generating revenue.

In analysing user engagement in quizzes, the team monitored the number of participants and their results. They also focused on extreme results to detect any irregularities and implement appropriate solutions to improve the functioning of the quizzes.

The quiz project on the Ekstraklasa website was a success, and minor improvements made since the initial implementation were well-received by clients. TISA Group continues to develop interactive quizzes and explores the possibility of cash prizes, which is another step towards engaging fans and creating unique experiences on the Ekstraklasa football website. The implementation of surveys, operating on a similar principle to quizzes, is also planned, allowing for further user engagement on this dynamic platform.

As a result, TISA Group’s collaboration with the Ekstraklasa football league not only brought a new form of entertainment for fans but also significantly increased the league’s online engagement and visibility. This case study serves as an excellent example of a successful implementation of quizzes to strengthen the bond between the league and its fans.

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If you’re intrigued by the game-changing potential of quizzes in fan engagement and eager to explore how TISA Group can help your sports entity embrace the future of digital transformation, we invite you to learn more about our comprehensive solutions. Whether you’re a football club seeking to boost fan engagement, streamline operations, or enhance performance, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

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