Success Stories Sep 9, 2021

Success Story: Legia Warszawa, BRISK

Success Story: Legia Warszawa, BRISK

TISA SUCCESS STORIES is a series of detailed case studies, diving deep into our clients’ digital transformation journeys.

In each issue, we’ll cover it all. Understanding the unique challenges each of our clients face; finding the best strategic and tech solutions; analysing the implementation process and achieved results; and most importantly – guiding them towards the top level of their digital maturity.

In today’s case study, dedicated to our implementation of BRISK in Legia Warszawa, one of the best football clubs in Poland, we will look into:

  • how social media management revolutionises Legia’s operations;
  • what unique products & services Legia offered to their fans;
  • how BRISK created a new fan engagement strategy.

Join us in the following success story and see how connecting business strategy, tech, and sports helps our clients bring their digital game to the next level!



Legia Warszawa is the most honoured club in Polish football history, with 15 Ekstraklasa Champions titles and 19 Polish Cup titles. Their domination of the Polish market is visible in terms of their sports, business, technological and marketing results.

The implementation of BRISK was another step in Legia’s ongoing digital transformation of the club, including the implementation of WICKET and UMPIRE. The club was looking to build an entertainment hub that would allow them to loyalise fans and build a strong community around it.


Legia Warszawa was looking for a solution to build an effective social media communication which would allow Legia to simultaneously share posts across their various media channels with the use of pre-prepared templates. Legia wanted to uniformise their shared content with their existing visual identification in order to build fan engagement.

On matchday, a group from the graphics department handled all issues relating to the graphics and other visual content. This slowed down the publishing process and made graphic designers indispensable to social media managers. It was exceedingly difficult to rely on graphic designers on matchdays, which typically fell on the weekend.

Success Story: Legia Warszawa, BRISK


After the implementation of BRISK, the process was automated, sped up, and only one person was needed to handle the match day schedules. This way, Legia Warszawa could schedule half-time content in advance at the end of the first half.

The ability to adapt the tool to the needs of Legia Warszawa turned out to be the biggest advantage of BRISK – The process of adding new types of graphics has become easier. The graphic artists of Legia Warszawa prepare a template which, when added to BRISK, can be used many times in many variations.

Success Story: Legia Warszawa, BRISK


In the words of Legia Warsaw’s Social Media Manager – “It shows full professionalism when, right after the referee’s whistle, Legia Warszawa can present graphics on social media.” 

BRISK has successfully allowed Legia Warszawa to automate the processes of publishing graphics on social media and relieve the resources of graphic designers on matchdays. Creating standardised and engaging content on cue satisfied the demand of fans for live and released-on-time content. 


We hope you enjoyed this issue of TISA SUCCESS STORIES. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to innovative engagement and digital transformation of the sports industry, check out TISA blog and stay tuned for more fresh content!