Success Stories Jan 10, 2022

Success Story: Ekstraklasa, WICKET

Success Story: Ekstraklasa, WICKET

TISA SUCCESS STORIES is a series of detailed case studies, diving deep into our clients’ digital transformation journeys.

In each issue, we’ll cover it all. Understanding the unique challenges each of our clients face; finding the best strategic and tech solutions; analysing the implementation process and achieved results; and most importantly – guiding them towards the top level of their digital maturity.

In today’s case study, we will show you the implementation of WICKET – a powerful tool combining CIAM, ALM, SSO and Blockchain solutions – for Ekstraklasa, the top Polish football league. Let’s look into:

  • what new functionalities were implemented;
  • why is SSO (Single sign-on) beneficial to the client;
  • what values WICKET brings to the league and fans.

Join us in the following success story and see how connecting business strategy, tech and sports helps our clients bring their digital game to the next level!



Ekstraklasa S.A. is a joint-stock corporation formed by an agreement between top-tier football teams and the Polish Football Association [PZPN]. It is in charge of running the premier Polish league and licensing media and central marketing rights. Under Ekstraklasa S.A.’s administration, the 96-year-old top Polish league is constantly developing and undergoing a digital transformation aimed to progress the premier Polish league towards top European football leagues.

Success Story: Ekstraklasa, WICKET


Ekstraklasa S.A.’s next step after the implementation of a new website & mobile app connected with the CMS tool – UMPIRE – was to integrate their website, mobile app, OTT channel, and online games into one shared ecosystem. The purpose of the integration of services is to connect clients across all Ekstraklasa platforms and facilitate secure customer data gathering.

The introduction of WICKET is the second step in the ongoing digital transformation of this organisation. In the near future, Ekstraklasa S.A. aims to achieve the maximum degree of digital maturity in cooperation with TISA Group.



WICKET is a powerful tool designed to help sports organisations collect, store and manage their fanbase data – all in one place.

Firstly, the adoption of the SSO (Single sign-on) solution of WICKET enhances the daily experience of Ekstraklasa users. SSO is a tool that simplifies the registration process from the viewpoint of the fans. Ekstraklasa users may use the same login details across all Ekstraklasa features, such as the main page and the Fantasy league game. User credentials remain safe and are the key to the entire Ekstraklasa ecosystem.

Success Story: Ekstraklasa, WICKET

With WICKET, all GDPR regulations are preserved, as users are offered an entire panel to manage consents and permissions. Users, at any time, may give or withdraw their consent to share their personal data with Ekstraklasa.

WICKET provides Ekstraklasa with data gathering and management features. Collecting fan data creates new possibilities in terms of strategic decision-making. It lets Ekstraklasa make decisions based on real figures and approach, for example, user marketing in a personalised way.

Thanks to data collection via WICKET, Ekstraklasa can use the same tool to prepare personalised mailings and communication with the fans. Data gathered via WICKET, such as club affiliation, in combination with UMPIRE, lets Ekstraklasa send out tailored messages to fans regarding their favourite football team.

Success Story: Ekstraklasa, WICKET


WICKET has been successfully implemented by Ekstraklasa S.A. and awaits for further development of its features. The new SSO solution facilitates the process of registration for their users. Gathering user data allows the top Polish football league to create a new fan engagement strategy with an enhanced digital fan experience.

Ekstraklasa S.A. plans to further tighten the cooperation with TISA in order to implement modern digital and technological solutions. If you’re interested to learn more about how WICKET can improve your club’s operations, contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions!!


We hope you enjoyed this issue of TISA SUCCESS STORIES. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to innovative engagement and digital transformation of the sports industry, check out TISA blog and stay tuned for more fresh content!