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7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

One hour to the first kick of the game. Your footballers are already discussing their strategy in the locker room. But the focus of the audience is somewhere else. 

The content team had already begun their “match” a few hours ago, and now they’re in the critical stage. They must get ahead of everyone with the news of the scheduled lineup for the game.

1st scenario: The content team has experienced designers but has no social media tool such as BRISK. It means that neither do they have templates nor a chance to simultaneously share posts across their various media channels. Eventually, external information agencies are faster than your club in sharing this crucial for supporters info. 

Alternative scenario: The content team has a member understanding the basic rules of aesthetics and BRISK. As soon as they receive the information about the first squad, they modify previously prepared templates and share it on the club’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (soon also Instagram and TikTok). It all takes up to one minute. Your supporters treat you as the most reliable and fastest source of information. It creates a close bond between your organisation and your fans. 

Which scenario do you prefer to have in your club? 


Sports clubs’ are often small- or medium-sized enterprises with extensive demand for experts in various fields. Do you know this feeling when you want to become an information medium for your fans; thus, you need to have high-qualified designers and a creative editorial team?

It’s never easy as one of the main pain points of sports clubs is the repetitiveness of messages that they need to send to the public during the peak periods such as Match Days. Without proper tools, it might be very time consuming to approach your supporters creatively. 

Therefore, if you want to become an engaging brand, the one that can build its own community and become an entertainment hub, at the same time, monetising it by both increasing revenues and reducing costs, It is a tool designed especially for you.

Legia Warszawa, PAOK FC, S.L. Benfica and Club Brugge KV – they all decided to implement innovative, technological solutions. We discussed it in our summary of FUTURE OF FOOTBALL BUSINESS Conference.

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

Consider whether increasing your digital reach with a business-driven custom product that enables sports organisations to create effective social media communication strategies by building close relationships with your fans is not what you currently need. If yes, then this article constitutes a sign facilitating you the process of making the right decision.


1. Building community

Football is entertainment for your fans. The earlier you prepare a broadcasting centre that will work as an entertainment hub, the greater your chance to gain a competitive advantage over other external social media channels. 

Such an expansion in your social media reach will directly lead to building community between your club and your fans. By providing supporters with appealing content, you’ll make them more willing to consume it. It’ll position you as the primary source of truth and information for your fans. Fast and professional social media management tool will let you express your editorial team creativity and quality.

BRISK gives you more time to produce and publish content your fans want to consume. It’s easier to create a unique and authentic medium “from the inside” with the help of this tool. Feeding our social media tool with varied substance (connected to your media library, archive and locker room) will give your fans emotions and insights they can’t find anywhere else! 

Such speed and variety of information (not available elsewhere) communicated frequently will allow you to segment your fans more precisely and communicate better with them. Are you willing to engage the mothers of your youngsters? Are you looking for the way to involve the families of first-team players and employees?

2. Fan loyalisation

Loyalty. This word describes any old generation fan. And almost every new one. But even if you don’t need to be afraid of losing your fans in terms of supporting your team, you can influence their level of involvement. 

The greatest marketing value that your club has is unique access to first-hand information. This competitive advantage can be a critical factor in enhancing your fan loyalty among communication channels. That’s also an important step to become an entertainment hub for your supporters. By removing a time-consuming, duplicated process from your design team, you’ll release their creativity, which will result in creating more original content.

This will allow your club to attract more people from various target groups. The more emotionally engaged supporters you have, (the more your club is a part of their life), the greater your chance to win a loyal customer.

3. Designing fan engagement

Visual content  can carry a strong emotional message. And what drives the decision of your fans? A small hint from us: It’s the same power that drives voters during elections and buyers during shopping. Yes, you’re right – emotions!

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

Thanks to the enhanced emotional communication, your club will be able to design fan engagement paths. Inducing supporters to take specific actions (that will be better both for them and your club) will make it easier for you. Create and post high-quality content more frequently to motivate your fans to spend more of their screen time on your apps. 

Emotional transmission has great power and our social media tool works as a content designer enabling you to craft appealing and emotionally engaging visual content. Additionally, the content planner makes it possible to plan, schedule and publish posts more strategically. Not only will you react to current and upcoming events, but you will also run thoroughly thought campaigns designed to fulfil your specific business goals.

The future possibility of integration with Big Screen will create a chance for new levels of fan engagement. You’ll be able to expand your fan base by connecting BRISK with screens and roller boards at airports, train stations, iconic buildings and monuments of your city.

4. Professionalisation (process automation + cost optimisation)

The idea of robots replacing humans is already deeply embedded in our collective imagination. Although the truth is that we still need to wait a bit for the full substitution, we can already automate many actions with the use of technology.

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

You can achieve better workflow and greater efficiency in your club by fully automating processes such as content planning, creation and publication.

No longer do you need experienced designers to create graphics within your brand parameters. Customised templates in BRISK will make it so easy and intuitive that almost no skills will be required. Non-designer personnel will be able to generate both still and motion graphics that fit your current marketing theme.

Such an integrated social media management system is an excellent help for your content, design and editorial teams. Once all your social media are under one roof, you can decide if you give the access to the platform to only one person or to the group of people (that can work from different places and be from different teams). This automation will shorten your paths of communication with fans. 

5. Templates = Speed

Posting content manually takes at least a few minutes, while with BRISK, it happens immediately. The speed of publishing unique information increases your reach because fans get their information right away. In the supporters’ awareness, you become the first channel to check.

The templates that you receive from us are built specifically for sports clubs. The contexts in which you’ll use them is well-known by us as our employees are in close cooperation with other sports organisations. Once you integrate our social media tool with your databases, you have many options for customisation. We can also meet your special needs in workshops. Use our strategic support to apply our know-how in your projects.

6. Versatility

Surprisingly, sports clubs are not only about… sports events! To build a community, you need to think outside the box (such a slogan, isn’t it? But sometimes very adequate!) and use BRISK for other thematic areas such as players’ branding, PR evolution, or lifestyle.

Boosting the potential of multi-sectional sports organisations having the ambition of becoming complete brands is what BRISK might be used for. The pivotal advantage of this tool is the possibility to produce all types of graphic materials in one place [pictures, photos, videos, GIFs, animations].

7. Monetisation

Unlock sponsorship opportunities by creating new channels which will constitute a new area for your business partners. When external media describe your brand, you have no influence (or barely any) on the perspective it represents. However, once you create your own entertainment hub, you can create an image that is demanded by your potential sponsors.

The automated placement of sponsored content that BRISK offers will allow you to be ready for digital era opportunities. Wherever you need it, you’ll be able to add the logos, banners or overlays of your business partners. It will automatically appear with your videos and pictures as long as you want it. Imagine how happy your sponsor can be if it’s associated with all the goals your team scores!

Additionally, there exists a possibility to support stationary stores and e-commerce by an extensive presentation of your products. The content planner will allow you to adjust the products you have on offer to the special days and holidays in your country

In the long-term, what will bring you the greatest value is the ability to create a cooperating community that will be self-driving. The stronger your influence on digital reality, the more varied your opportunities in approaching your already-won and soon-to-be-won fans!


When choosing a hairdresser, it’d be best if you take into account the experience and the hairstyle of the person who is to conduct a service and the price of it. 

Similarly, when choosing a company that will help you implement digital solutions in your club, you should consider their experience with other sports organisations, the tools that they use themselves and the price of the service.

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK

Each of the products we offer to you are associated with the strategic support. If you need an experienced party that will run training or workshops for you, we have wisdom on how to do it properly. Suppose your expectations exceed beyond the purchase of the product and you would like to receive help with the process of strategic communication building. In that case, we’re here to share our extensive business know-how with you.

Not only do we offer technical solutions, but we also aim to help you create business paths that will lead you to success. Based on Design Thinking, a creative process which seeks to understand fans, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype, we come up with new methods you (and your supporters) really need.


If your club’s need is to build an entertainment hub that will allow you to loyalise your fans and build a strong community around your organisations ⇒ Then, our goal is to fulfil your needs. 

That’s why we prepared three tools: BRISK, UMPIRE and WICKET that together constitute a perfect solution for you. 

BRISK itself forms one of the pivotal steps in the context of club digitisation. When connected with UMPIRE, it has even more options such as an automated flow of information about the match, player or statistics.

Based on our know-how, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions. It includes preparing templates specifically for you or organising content creation workshops for your internal teams. Be ahead of your competition by using the tools that you need (and our strategic support).


Thanks to Robert Skolimowski, PO of BRISK, who contributed to the creation of content for this article with his experience and knowledge.


Are you looking for more information about digital transformation in the sports industry? Visit our website to learn more about dedicated products and innovations designed for sports. To find out more about how TISA can help your organisation thrive in the digital world, contact us directly – we will be happy to talk about your case. And if you’d like to join our team and help us create the best digital solutions for the world of sports, check out our current career opportunities.

7 Ways on How to Build an Effective Social Media Communication with BRISK