Success Stories Feb 17, 2023

Success Story: HFNGG,

Success Story: HFNGG,

TISA  SUCCESS STORIES is a series of detailed case studies, diving deep into our clients’ digital transformation journeys.

In each issue, we’ll cover it all. Understanding the unique challenges each of our clients face; finding the best strategic and tech solutions; analysing the implementation process and achieved results; and most importantly – guiding them towards the top level of their digital maturity. has been a one-of-a-kind project for the TISA Group. Have Fun and Good Game (HFNGG) company approached us to develop a unique gaming platform that connects the fun of playing video games with the satisfaction of earning money for good gameplay. In today’s case study, dedicated to the project named – let’s look into:

  • How does the platform stand out in the video game market?
  • What gameplay and security challenges did the project encounter?
  • How can the KYC process help minimize bad behaviour in gaming?

Join us in the following success story and see how connecting business strategy, tech, and sports help our clients bring their digital game to the next level!



HFNGG is a European (currently staged) gaming start-up that has designed and developed a play-to-earn tournament platform – tackles new territory of automated tournaments platform for competitive gaming on PC (However! Not limited to the small Esport category!) and is easily scalable internationally. HFNGG have created an ecosystem where every user has their own way. is a gaming platform that focuses on competitive games based on actual skills, not luck. The platform offers instant and scheduled tournaments, as well as special tournaments where players can compete with streamers and professionals. also provides an instant reward system where players can withdraw their winnings to their bank accounts. Additionally, the platform has a secured, 18+ environment with KYC authorization to ensure fair play.



The client’s industry, namely gaming and Esports, lacked a secure and transparent solution that would let players take pleasure in competing in tournaments and matches across a variety of games while also having the possibility of earning money. Simultaneously, there was also a lack of a solution that would allow for instant tournaments and matches, right here, right now.

The possibility of cheaters is the greatest obstacle for a gaming platform that blends competitiveness with entertainment and profit. Despite the anti-cheat mechanisms added by game designers, the platform must guarantee the security and comfort of every player.

Ultimately, the platform was to become compatible with many games, such as CS: GO, FIFA, and others, which created another challenge related to the integration of all games with the platform.

The project integrating all of the above capabilities was a challenge on its own, as the platform was developed nearly from scratch, with no major benchmarks or counterparts. This required many hours of workshops and conversations with the client about the goal of the platform.


From the beginning of the project, software house hero/dot, our partner from TISA Group, provided product development and ownership. Product development consisted of the back-end, front-end, testing, and business layer. We were responsible for managing the project, building the product in ongoing sprints, building the backlog, and carrying out the project in accordance with Agile and Scrum principles.

The client provided the platform’s design and appropriate know-how, which were incorporated into the platform by an augmented team of developers.

We have built an augmented team that consists of 2 tech people from the client and 6 from TISA Group. That brought an additional layer of complexity to project management and team organisation. The project manager was to assure a proper level of team integration in order to build trust, foster team spirit, and guarantee quality around product delivery.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is one of the platform’s security measures. The platform includes mechanisms for user and identity verification that are comparable to those found, for instance, in banks or cryptocurrency exchanges.

During registration to the service, each user to get the full capabilities of the platform, that is, to take part in tournaments, is required to pass a two-step online verification – provide personal information, take a photo of a personal document, and submit a selfie photo to confirm authenticity.

This type of authentication process is necessary for two reasons: 1. The platform is aimed at an 18+ audience, therefore age verification is needed. 2. Its purpose is to decrease the number of gamers who would otherwise cheat or participate in other illicit activities anonymously.

The platform has been integrated with payment mechanisms that allow for player-friendly payments. Financial safeguards have been put in place to prevent illegal account manipulation or money laundering via the platform.

The source of funding for tournaments played on the platform has also changed. This funding source comes primarily from user entry fees, which are then combined into a prize pool to be shared among tournament winners. How the mechanism would work had to be figured out with the help of analytical support. An appropriate level of security had to be ensured for the flow of funds.

Returning to the topic of integrating the platform with a range of games. Many video games provide in-game lobbies for hosting online matches and tournaments, but there are titles like CS:GO that do not. Thus, it was also necessary to integrate with a suitable platform for hosting CS:GO servers.


Startups are about anxiety. It is not only about feeling anxious about the variability of the environment every day, but about managing it at every level. is a platform whose idea was born two years ago but matured for many many years.

Gamers invented it for players, after countless hours of competition. It is, in short, a platform for gaming and money. We couldn’t build it tentatively, we couldn’t build it just a little bit. is a tech, tax, and legal puzzle. In order to implement our idea, we needed not only the right resources but also partners. This is a prime example of one area of concern – the service provider. After a year of intensive cooperation, we also know that there is concern on both sides. We are not only happy but also proud of this strategic partnership – cooperation.

Our combined teams achieved the goals – together. We feel that we had support here every day. We know that working with start-ups can be difficult, unstable, or unpredictable at times. I am glad that we have a partner who trusts us. Thanks to TISA we are where we are and for that, we are very grateful.


RESULTS & FURTHER DEVELOPMENT platform has been developed by TISA Group within the past 12 months, and on November 11, 2022, the first beta version was released to users in Poland. The next goal of the project is to make the platform available globally. 

Despite the “verification barrier,” users are eager to sign up and go through the verification process. In the first 2 weeks of the beta version of the platform, +500 users registered successfully. 

As the platform expands, we see that has the possibility to:

  • be compatible with more games in order to please a wide range of players,
  • develop more tournament features, e.g. increase the number of players in tournaments, and introduce team tournaments,
  • expand payment methods and integrations, 

TISA Group places great emphasis on platform development and testing. Our team of testers develops the platform and observes in search of possible errors and potential improvements to the platform’s aspects.

We hope you enjoyed this issue of TISA SUCCESS STORIES. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to innovative engagement and digital transformation of the sports industry, check out the TISA blog and stay tuned for more fresh content!