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How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content

How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content

The world of sport has always had its own rules and has always faced new challenges. A new challenge has loomed on the horizon – a massive demand for online content and finding new ways to engage and enjoy sports through social media content. Today, 73% of sports fans want to access sports content at their convenience, whether commuting to work, studying or watching a game live.

Fan engagement has a direct, massive impact on your organisation, which has a significant effect on your image and your finances. You need to provide your marketing team with the best possible solutions to win the hearts of your followers and motivate them to be more active. Here comes in scrupulous social media content strategy and BRISK – a social media management tool created for these particular needs.

Before we move on to all the possibilities of BRISK, it is necessary to pay attention to 4 fundamental rules, without which the construction of effective social media content would be impossible. You’ll learn:

  • How to create clickable content;
  • What are the ways to increase engagement;
  • Which channels are the most important ones.



There are 5 giants in the social media market: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube.

Each of these platforms is the perfect place to reach fans and build fan engagement, but each offers opportunities for different types of content and diverse types of fans. Let’s take a closer look at them:


Instagram allows you to add photos or videos in three different ways.

  1. Stories are an excellent way to immediately inform sports fans of your news and updates and have them browse the profile every 24 hours.
  2. Reels generate short, 60-second clips that can effectively engage your audience.
  3. “IGTV” allows you to upload video content for up to an hour, and this makes it perfect for highlighting matches, interviews and documentaries.

With Instagram, you can use themed frames and custom templates that fit with your team’s colours.

Did you know?

According to Statista research in 2019, Barcelona FC and Real Madrid had the largest Instagram audience of all football clubs, 63.77 million and 67.16 million respectively.



Snapchat provides specialised filters to maximise fan engagement on your channel. Similarly to Instagram, it can enhance the live match experience by using filters to express “team pride” shared with friends while playing.


You can use TikTok to shed light on your athletes, send educational messages, and interact with your fans by republishing user-generated content while showcasing your brand’s personality. Again, a lot of attention is paid to short, rapid video content accompanied by music.

How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content


With almost 400 million users, Twitter creates another excellent opportunity to develop fan-engaging content. Its limitation of characters per post prompts users to create short publications accompanied by videos. Be creative, start new discussions or weave your club into a conversation thread by adding a hashtag to a post!


In addition to uploading short or longer videos to YouTube, you can organise them into a playlist so fans, in the long run, can continue to enjoy the content that shows exciting insights of your club.



Sports fans want to stay in touch with the team at all times, including their daily bus commute or when spending time with their friends. They expect real-time information on players, analysis, interviews, and other exciting insights.

Make sure to publish buildup content leading up to the match day. This will impact how many spectators will observe the next match at the stadium or how many viewers will watch it from their living room. Also, stats and recent interviews with the key players will give a better understanding and feeling of the next match.

How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content

Throughout the 90 minutes of a football match, you need to emphasise all notable moments of the game on your social media. Every goal, substitution or booking need to be seen!

After the match, whether a victory or defeat, engage fans with content, so there are more reasons to celebrate or bring fans closer in the next game. 

Your club needs to be online 24/7. Ninety minutes of the football match are not enough for fans, so make sure to learn more about engaging fan communities beyond match days in this article!


Big names like Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic or Kevin Durant play a vital role in the marketing of your sports club or organisation. Without a doubt, sports superstars are also celebrities these days and this opens new paths to sponsorship and fan engagement. Let them shine on your social media too!

Did you know?

According to statistics from 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo is the leading athlete with the greatest number of followers on Instagram – 332.72 million, almost five times more, than his old club Real Madrid.

How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content


Sports fans like interactive content that allows them to express themselves. You can increase engagement by asking for feedback after a victory or asking about specific topics related to the club.

Regarding Instagram, the platform gives you the “ask me a question” function. Polls and quizzes are also a great way to conduct Q&A sessions to test fans’ club knowledge.


Now that we know the principles let us demonstrate how these techniques can be used in practice! TISA Group has designed a social media management tool that enables the implementation of all of the above!

  • In a couple of steps, BRISK will help you build relationships with fans and loyalise them to your channels with unique and exclusive content related to your sports club or organisation. Your fans will appreciate stunning visual content and react to the newest updates on their favourite players or observed tournaments.
  • By creating custom templates, your club or organisation can build a unique visual identification in the world of social media. Your fans will instantly identify your posts beyond match day and have affection for them.
How to Strategically Build Your Social Media Content
  • The fully automated process of BRISK improves the workflow of communication with your fans, allowing for swift interaction with them or their feedback. Moreover, automating sponsored content placement while supporting stationery stores and e-commerce – BRISK makes monetization easy, unlocking new sponsorship opportunities.
  • When connected with other TISA products, BRISK opens truly innovative possibilities of engagement, content and data, e.g. automated information flow about the match, players or stats with UMPIRE – an integrated content management system for your club!


Today sports clubs and organisations are entertainment hubs that must face competition from other media giants. Therefore it is necessary to build a strong community with attractive and engaging content.

Identifying the proper media channels and highlighting events or players are only a few but important steps in building social media content. BRISK together with our other products, UMPIRE and WICKET, create a perfect solution for the needs of a sports club. If you are interested in learning more about creating social media content using BRISK, make sure to read our previous article on effective social media communication.


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