Game Changers Jul 12, 2023

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

GAME CHANGERS is a series of articles in which TISA presents its most cutting-edge solutions for sports entities to reach a new level of digital transformation.

As technology continues to evolve, it has become increasingly important for football clubs to keep up with the latest innovations in order to improve their performance and stay ahead of the competition. 

In this series, we will be exploring a range of innovative digital solutions that are helping football clubs to achieve their goals, both on and off the pitch.

From improving fan engagement to streamlining operations and boosting performance, these solutions are transforming the way that football clubs do business. So whether you’re a fan, a club owner, or simply interested in the future of digital technology in football, you’re sure to find something of interest in this series.

Automated Integrations

(Data, Schedule, Statistics, Match Centre, Tickets, Fan Store and more)

Is your marketing team overwhelmed with the volume of media messages you need to publish? Are you tired of spending long hours manually updating current information for fans? Constant strategy changes keep disrupting your established routines?

Imagine a revolution where all your digital channels — website and mobile app — can be managed by just one person, verifying data accuracy and personalising content for key articles. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not!

Thanks to cutting-edge digital tools, you can seamlessly integrate data onto your website and mobile app. From schedules, individual & team statistics to the Match Centre, ticket counters, rankings, and more, enjoy real-time automatic updates for all your content.

Say goodbye to the manual grind and embrace the efficiency of automated integrations. Revolutionise your digital presence and provide an exceptional experience for your fans with hassle-free, real-time updates on your website and mobile app.

Minimise the costs of your team, and maximise the happiness of your fan community by using automated integrations!

This is exactly what Legia Warszawa and Ekstraklasa do, thanks to TISA’s innovative products. Sounds cool? Check what other benefits it brings. 

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

What are Automated Integrations?

We define Automated Integrations as all the integrations with third-party providers that allow you to automate and improve the way you manage the content on your mobile app and website. 

As a sports organisation you need to provide tons of data to your fans:

  • current league table standings 
  • current domestic and european cup standings
  • current player statistics (goals, assists, number of games, expected goals, shots, passes, key passes, crosses, dribblings, sprints, cards, etc.)
  • current team statistics (home points, away points, average possession, no of goals scored, no of goals conceded, goals difference, xG, dribblings, sprints, etc. )
  • current schedule
  • current number of tickets available
  • current merchandise available in store
  • and more and more :))

There is one thing that you can find repetitive in the above list. “Current”. 

The word “current: refers to the fact that it all needs to be provided in real time. You can’t achieve it without integrating your content management system with the proper external tools that would enhance your digital ecosystem. 

Beyond that, at the moment, with the development of generative AI solutions, you are also capable of possessing a tool that will automate or at least facilitate your content creation processes. 

Do not fall behind your opponents. Innovate to be the best!

Discover the power of Automated Integrations

1. Automate players’ profiles and statistics

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

2. Automate team statistics

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

3. Automate league standings

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

4. Automate cup standings

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

5. Automate schedule

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

6. Automate match centre

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

7. Automate ticket counter

GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

TISA integrations

At TISA we have experience with integrating with various significant data and solution providers such as:


GAME CHANGERS: Automated Integrations

Revenue expansion ideas

Looking to boost your sports club or league’s revenue? Automated Integrations is the perfect tool for you! Here are four ways you can use it to increase your profits:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Features like live updates, player profiles, and interactive fan forums create a seamless and immersive experience, increasing user satisfaction, retention, and attracting sponsors.
  • Personalised Marketing: Leveraging user data allows for targeted promotions, customised notifications, and tailored offers, boosting engagement, conversion, and attracting sponsors interested in targeted advertising.
  • E-commerce Integration: Seamless e-commerce functionality enables fans to purchase merchandise directly, expanding the customer base beyond physical limitations and driving higher sales revenue.
  • Cost optimisation: Automated integrations allow your team to sacrifice their precious time on other important projects you run.


There is no unique answer to such a question! Each sports club, league or federation is different. All over the world, we have different communities with different backgrounds, emotions, habits, financial resources and willingness to pay for digital assets. 

We suggest organising a meeting to discuss various strategies that can meet your needs and expectations. We have over 100 sponsor activation ideas – Automated Integrations being one of the tools to achieve it.

If you would like to know more about what TISA can offer you, check our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss your case!